• <div class='ita'><a href='/la-linea-architettura-e-design'><h2 class='capt1'>Veste il Lusso</h2></a><span>La Linea è arredamenti esclusivi per Gioiellerie</span></div>
<div class='eng'><a href='/la-linea-architettura-e-design/?lang=en'><h2 class='capt1'>To dress in luxury</h2></a><span>La Linea is synonymous with exclusive furnishings for Jeweller’s</span></div> <div class='ita'><a href='/la-linea-architettura-e-design'><h2 class='capt1'>La Linea forma</h2></a><span>il concetto di eleganza</span></div>
<div class='eng'><a href='/la-linea-architettura-e-design/?lang=en'><h2 class='capt2'>La Linea shapes</h2></a><span>the concept of elegance</span></div> <div class='ita'><a href='/mission'><h2 class='capt2'>La Linea disegna</h2></a><span>i nuovi canoni dello spazio commerciale</span></div>
<div class='eng'><a href='/mission/?lang=en'><h2 class='capt2'>La Linea draws</h2></a><span>the new norms of business space</span></div> <div class='ita'><a href='/galleria-fotografica'><h2 class='capt3'>La Linea scrive</h2></a><span>il design esperienziale applicato al business di lusso</span></div>
<div class='eng'><a href='/galleria-fotografica'><h2 class='capt3'>La Linea writes</h2></a><span>experiential design applied to luxury business</span></div> <div class='ita'><a href='/produzione'><h2 class='capt4'>La Linea costruisce</h2></a><span>ogni elemento del vostro progetto: la filiera corta del servizio</span></div>
<div class='eng'><a href='/produzione/?lang=en'><h2 class='capt5'>La Linea builds</h2></a><span>each element of your project: the short supply chain of the service</span></div>

La linea, the “stylist” of Luxury

A Line displaying more than 30 Architecture, Design and Furniture solutions, all personalized for jewellers.  To respond to every kind of activity in the sector requiring an innovative line with a philosophy, also offering a turn-key formula.  A  managerial partner who knows how to interpret their clients’ requirements in an innovative way to transform a sales point into a centre of interest and one of business.

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    img homeAnalysis, design, manufacture, installation, after sales service. Our short product life cycle. Optimizing the design, manufacture and installation of our furniture has always been our key objective, and this is made possible by the mutual trust of our company and its workers and by following each and every step of the various phases in person.